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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Freezing Smoothies

Recently I have been eating smoothie for breakfast as well as snacks better then junk.. while surfing the internet I came across this link trying to find out if anyone has pre-made smoothies and froze them since I make 1-2 a day I could do 6 at one time and blend up and put into my pint size mason jars to freeze and grab and go for work or place in the frig the night before to drink in the am since I don't sleep 8 + hours this would work great..

The results are in I made a smoothie for work Friday and took it out of the freeze dropping in my lunch bag w/ ice pack around 2 pm and popped it into the frig at work about 3 pm and last night about midnight it was a perfect (thick smoothie) I ate it with a spoon like ice cream as the summer months are quickly approaching this will work perfect & thaw faster when I pull it out of the frig..I also noticed it was icy which I prefer as I love it colder the better..
I made one today late in the am so it will not be frozen before I leave for work today yet I will have it already to go while I was making my lunch and pre-prepping veggie for the next few days.. :O) Time saver.

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