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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crochet Hats

Adult Hats made it a little bit longer so it would row well for winter

Just whipped this up love the colors made adult & child size

The green one was nice and soft yet very stretchy adult size

This was just a straight whipped up beanie style hat to fit just over the ears

Men's Hat was a joke for the guys at work as last year they were told they had to wear orange reflector vests so I thought a nice orange hat would be good too :O) as you can see it's long but rolls up well.

Baby's Hat

Baby's Hat

Hat for my 5 year old niece

Hat for my 5 year old niece

Baby's Hat

These are a few hats styles I have made the adult colors I made one for a 5 year old as well just didn't repeat the pictures :O) I have made about 20 hats all together.

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