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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crochet Purse for DD

After Frog it again I removed a few extra rows on the base piece found the center (of the wrong side) Should have been the RIGHT SIDE ie the INSIDE NOT the outside..

Using the Purple YARN when you find the inside center skipping 3-5 stitch spaces from the sides to keep it from being to close to the sides as those fold up/be stitched in later as you go around with the GRAY YARN. With the purple yarn single crochet down the center then continue creating enough rows I used a Half double crochet going up to create the center pocket divider up as far you want the pocket to be.

As I worked with the gray yarn I grabbed the purple pocket and single crocheted the purple/gray together attaching it together creating a pocket as you work the purse

As you can see now have a bag with an inside pocket as this solid purple ( note next time I would use double tread strand here as well as this flexes too much) I have crocheted using the MC Gray and add CC Purple to mix it up.

2nd shot of the inside pocket

Currently I have completed the crochet part of bag only thing left to finish crocheting the strap and add the plastic buckles to keep the bag closed :O)

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