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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct Menu

Set the budget to under $300 this month and keep planning and working hard to use the stuff in the freezer and not shop for extras just because it's called menu planning dd is still having issues with not wanting to eat all of the sudden so trying to get a dinner idea out of her is VERY hard...Plus her ODC is up and running right now as you can see with the Tacos

Monday 3-Leftover Chinese food

Tuesday 4- Turkey Burgers and Potatoes
Wednesday 5-Taco and Leftover Chinese Rice
Thursday 6-Leftover Tacos again
Friday 7-
Saturday 8-
Sunday 9-
Monday 10-
Tuesday 11-
Wednesday 12-
Thursday 13-
Friday 14- Happy B-day too me
Saturday 15-
Sunday 16-

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