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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kitchen Plan

Well Time to organizing the freezer and pantry. I have alot of SH**.. Need to get a plan.. I have alot of this and that.. You see my fiance and daughter prefer the same meals over and over. But I don't I prefer to try new things. So I purchase the "Mystery Ingredient" and then I forget:) hide things lol.. so I guess it's time to locate items/organize them. Then type a recipe search to use up those items..

I hear also my mother is purchasing my stove this weekend. So I need to get organized since next weekend they will be tearing out my kitchen stove top removing my wall unit and guess what just for funtearing out the cabinet under the stove top to put the NEW stove in it's place.. Dang.. What a mess.. Then we must place shelves in the area where the old wall oven was with a door on it later ( Fun plan huh) Wish me lots of luck..

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