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Who Am I? Family of 3 adults plus 1 pet kitty on 1 income trying to live like I have an unlimited budget & I have to STOP!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Life

I have been trying very hard to budget.. Yes that bad bad word.. I am not doing well so I have decided to budget with 1 thing at a time.. First stop is food... Yes that must have can't enough of item food..
  1. Once a month cooking meals
  2. Use all the items in pantry before buying more
  3. Only shop weekly for milk, bread , small things
  4. Create Menu's that doesn't work for me or my family so I have been making freezer meals and daily decide what we will eat and that is working well. Been doing this for over a week :)
  5. Locating more uses for rice so I can create more side dishes that are cheap
I am sure there is more I wish to add but I can't think right now :)


  1. Yay! Another thing that we have in common! Have you checked out couponmom.com yet? I'm a regular over there and I did a piece on my blog about Frugal Living. http://vintagelogcabin.blogspot.com/2008/12/painless-frugal-ideas.html

  2. Kewl just stopped by to check it out :) thanks I need all the tips, tricks since Fiancé is still job hunting (too much training, skills to get a hamburger job funny huh ) my daughter is still at grandma's but the gas and keeping her not bored on the weekend is killing me in $$$