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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Organization Food Plan

Recently I was surfing the internet and come across a few people who doing food budgets with a limit. (Example annual budget of $ 800 or $1200) I am still researching this alot as well as some of their ideas.

Decided to use up all the meat in freezer & Leftover OAMC Meals from my first batch in March.
  1. Food inventory (deep freezer, House Freezer/Refrig and cabinets/shelves) Time: 3 hours
  2. Meal Plan Time : 1 hour
  3. Shopping Time : 2 hour (Daughter still in wheelchair)
  4. Spend total $77.00 on clearance items, items need for meals and household items
Currently have planned 10 of the 14 meals for 2 weeks have 4 more to figure out with the food we have  in the house. I also have to pick up a few more items from Bulk Store and Misc non-food items. May will need to spend $25-$50 but this will last 2 weeks. I will have to pick up bread/bagels/Milk

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