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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Muffin Tin Meals for Lunch

Muffin Tin Meals for Lunch idea started a few months ago when I first started making Oamc meals because I have to take breakfast & lunch to work M-F and also stay on budget by not purchasing meals out everyday that usually would cost say $5-$8 a day which can quickly be near $40 a week just for lunch.

Remember just last week when you have a little rice leftover enough for 1 but not a family of 4.
I would take that one amount of rice and muffin freeze it then slide into a ziplock bag for use later that week or maybe the next. I have a one gallon Freezer ziplock bag full with 1 of this or that meals:)in cheap sandwich ziplock bags. Or when you had Tacos and had only enough for maybe 2 tacos for a family of 6? I do the same thing freeze in muffin freeze and slide into zi

What is for lunch tomorrow you ask? Example of items that could be in my Gallon Ziplock bag

2 BBQ Chichen cups
2 Mexican Rice cups
4 Refried Beans cups
4 Taco Meat cups
4 Spaghitti cups
4 Lentil Taco cups
4 Meatloaf cups
4 Mashed potatoes
4 Precooked hamburgers

Lunchs could be

  1. Taco Salad use 1 Rice cup/1 Taco Meat/1 refried bean (House items some tortilla chips and salsa)
  2. Meatloaf cup and Mashed potatoe cup
  3. Hamburger/Frozen bun and condiments (House item Potato chips)
  4. BBQ chicken cup /Frozen bun
  5. Spaghitti cup with Salad ((House item salad and dressing)
Well I hope this helps give some one a few ideas to saving $$ on lunch..

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