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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Life

I am working on updatings, sorting reorganizing my recipes onto 4 X 6 homemade recipe cards which I will then print out. I didn't want borders or flowers just the template.

I had to find a Blank template for a 4 x 6 card found it @ Avery.com website ( postcard 2 per page)
Deciding on a font I can't make up my mind just yet.
Copy and Paste the files to the index card template and save documents
Then upload the recipe cards to Media Fire for others to pick up as needed :)

B-day gift for my 2nd child is to copy the recipes to postcards (pre-made found 2 boxes of nice leaf postcard stock paper at the thrift store about 8 months or longer ago for $1.99 each box or 50 ct)
I also at the same time picked up a 5 X 8 Index Card File Box with tab dividers for 99 cents to put the cards into..

Only issue is to get this done her B-day is the end of July.

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