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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Splurge Shopping

Decide to pick up a few items not on my month budget plan since I had saved some $$ I also took my kid to the store with me (which means mom I want $$ for this or that)
When I stopped at my local Fry's this morning this is what I purchased

(KID) Minute Maid Fruit Punch regular price $2.39 on sale for $1.00
(KID)Donuts from the bakery 2 for $1.18
(KID) Ground Beef 1 lbs on clearance for $1.09
(KID) Onion Soup Mix regular for $1.69 sale for $1.00 saved 19 cents
2 Mini Chocolate Donuts regular for $.75 sale for 2/$1.00
1 Gallon of Milk regular for$3.99 on sale for $1.99
2 Land o Lake Butter packages regular for$2.49 on sale for .99 saved $3.00 (I frozen them  : ) )

Fry's VIP Card Savings $7.08 Spend $12.64

  • Use the Ground beef/Onion Soup Mix for Meatloaf for Fiance' and kid
  • I pulled out a OAMC meal of Stuffed Bell Pepper Mix had that with Salad.

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