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Friday, May 1, 2009

Home Life

This past week I derailed my freezer meals and tried to just cook this or that and uses things up well let me tell you it is Friday night and I have no meal planned HELP!! Ok so I am realizing I need to get my freezer foods back to work ASAP. So I plan to pull out something tonight for tomorrow.
March 22 to April 30th I have realized I need to step up my meal ideas and try a few new recipes as well as plan better. I tend to just pull out what sounds good Monday night for Tuesday. But I want to basically say ok Monday is BBQ chicken and Friday is Lentil Tacos and not have to plan guess which day but I want to say plan it weekly on Sunday what to have for that week.

Hit the Dollar Store & purchased the following deal.

3 bags of Sara Lee Mini bagels for a $1.00 a bag
2 bags of Sara Lee Plain Regular bagels for a $1.00 a bag
1 bag of Sara Lee Blueberry bagels for a $1.00 a bag

Seperated the Mini bagels 2 or 3 per ziplock then placed all of the bags into a large gallon Freezer Ziplock bag for easier space saving, locating in the freezer and my keep freezer burn out better. That way when DFiance's reaches for his daily bagels for making Sausage Mcbagel they are easier to locate and stay fresher longer.
At Walmart I purchase a bag of frozen sausage patties pre-cooked approximently 18 patties for $4.99 he pulls out 2 nukes them as needed with the bagels for breakfast.
I also noticed at Wal-mart in the freezer area they have pre-cooked eggs patties for making Egg Mc Muffins as as well for about the same price so for under $10.00 if you purchase bagels, sausage patties and the eggs you have 18 sandwiches.

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