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Friday, June 10, 2011

Drawstring Produce Bag


I have been using re-usable grocery bags for months LOVE THEM...The reasons way...
  • No Breaking issues- got tired of having to double or triple bag items
  • Easier to bag and carry
  • Less plastic bags taking up my house-I do get some for the kitty litter :O)
  • Less bags needed I have 6 bags and that is usually all I need :O)
But on a recent trip to the produce to department I grabbed a few plastic-thin bags to get produce and things keep falling out of the bag so yet again I had to double and triple and I remembered seeing crocheted produce bags online.. I figured I could find a pattern and give it a whirl and this is what I got.........


Update: 5-14-2011

After crocheting the first orange bag I decide to create one more with a bowl/hat like style bottom due to I wanted to prevent produce like grapes from falling threw the large bottom holes so by doing the bowl effect and the holes on the top it allows for both :O) very happy with this pattern I created... I will also hold 4 balls of 2.5 oz crochet yarn as well lol.. I didn't have any fruits or veggies to put in it for a picture....

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