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Saturday, June 25, 2011


In the weekly ads in the mail came a coupon for a free bottle of coke at Target as they were advertising that the local store was now selling more foods/produce/meats like a neighborhood market..:O)
So I got the free bottle of coke while shopping for a few other things I was told about a few more deals from an employee :O) Score.. they got their containers of mushroom shipment but it was the wrong size too big so they needed to sale/move them asap 46 cents a for 16 oz grabbed 2 :O) then I was also able to grab for 46 cents as well coleslaw mix :O0 perfect for wraps for me...

While I was at Safeway today as well I grabbed another 1/2 gallon of Lactose milk for dd $4.79 regular price 50% off $2.39 found a $1.00 off coupon got it for $1.39 :O) score into the freezer into mason jar it went...

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