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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tight Budget Part 2

Got 3 lbs of Ground Turkey at Wal-mart for $5.99 now what?

Most people think ground meat i.e. Tacos/Burgers/Meatloaf/Spaghetti

With my 3 lbs this is what I would make

Meal # 1 using .5 lbs for Spaghetti
Meal # 2 using 1 lbs for Tacos
Meal # 3 using 1.5 lbs for Meatloaf

Exact Items to purchase to create all three meals plus using the items you have already on hand and it will be alot less :O) for you

• Salsa for $1.50 or less for the meatloaf and Tacos
• Loaf of Bread for $1.00 or less for the meatloaf and Spaghetti
• 50 cents for dehydrated onions and 50 cents for Italians Seasoning at Walmart for the recipes
• $1.00 or less for Taco shells or Tortillas
• $2.00 or less Cheese (Sliced or Block to shredded)
• $1.00 or less for Noodles
• $1.00 or less for Spaghetti Sauce (Chunky Veggie Kind)
• $1.00 or less for Bag of Beans
• $1.00 or less for Taco Mix
• $1.00 or less Bag of Potatoes

$ 11.50 total for Extras so for less the $20.00 you get 3 meals

Basic Meatloaf Concept Baked in an 8 x 8 pan (Yielding 4 Big pieces)
• 1.5 lbs of Turkey
• Onion Soup Mix or Spices (Can make from Scratch) or $1.00 for generic box of 2 envelopes
• Crackers/Bread/Boxed Stuffing/ Ground up quick cook oatmeal/Cornflakes/Croutons/Rice/Chopped Veggies
• Mixed In Sauces & Liquid Ideas: These help keep the meat moist and many also increase the flavor, try–chili sauce, tomato sauce, ketchup, mushroom soup, sour cream, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, milk, beef stock, cream, wine, sweet & sour sauce, bbq sauce, steak sauce, V8 juice, salsa, plain yogurt, soy sauce, prepared mustard, Worcestershire sauce, salad dressings (like ranch), apple sauce, lightly beaten eggs, canned diced tomatoes & peppers, canned chicken & rice or tomato soup.

Basic Taco Concept
• 1.5 lbs of Turkey
• Cheese
• Tortillas
• Beans
• Spices
• Tortillas
• Salsa if desired

Basic Spaghetti Concept
• Spaghetti Sauce
• Noodles
• . 5 lb of Meat
• Garlic Bread
• Spices

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