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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shower Remodel


The Shower really needed to be cleaned up by putting up new shower walls due to the bead board being (Wet/Flaky/Buckling/Mold issues under the original metal pieces) so first we purchase pre-fabed shower surround for only $60.00 which was a great price to replace an issue however may shower head was above the surround so we had to put up plastic bead board$32.00 a sheet it is so nice now :O) very white & crisp..

Then the plumbing broke (handles) $60++ so we had to replace them.

Then we used the neighbors outside water ( Hose area) broke their turn off main value so we replaced that as well for $85 had to call a plumber due to concerns that something else would go wrong..

Finally it was time to take a shower 2 days later wait for the liquid nail & sealant to dry...Hung the shower curtain bar tooo high..so I have to buy a get this a $10 shower curtain now since the cheap ones are too SHORT...Just shoot me :O)

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