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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March All Ready?

Where did the time go? It's almost spring here in the Phoenix area...and we are trying to get are crap together...It's also tax time were some people get refund checks...This year I decided due to the great deal of $150 w/ $50 rebate to get a cheap smart phone nothing fancy just the cheapest for what I needed....:O) this was via the Phone store I was could have bought the same phone at Walmart for the same price minus the refund...Well I bought 2 one for me and one for DD = 2 for $100 (using the refund to pay for her phone so awesome plan) it's Samsung Galaxy Avant.....

We also came across some great little wipe style boards @ Target for $3 each yes I know to spend $9 on 3 was crazy however the reason & the use behind them works for us...
The Blue/Green one is for DD college assignment as in I need to do all of this
The First M-S wipe board is for weekly things to do as in school or Dr appts.
The 2nd M-S wipe board is going to be our weekly menu board plan

What I like about these so far we have had 2 of them 3 weeks and DD uses her boards like crazy and it helps her stay on task and not forget things...:O) so I knew it would be nice to have one to write the menu on (since I needed to start sticking to a menu plan again)

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