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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Farmers Market Deals

Last week while checking out the internet farmers market link I found 3 that are on week days  & during the daylight hours not the 5-7 pm ranch score!!! As I work weekends when usually around the Phoenix area is when those great little markets are....The first one we went to was last Thursday and it was a nice little one in what they call the Sun City Area (senior area of town) and they had a few tables w/ fruits & veggies...I was a little still under the weather so we didn't get anything..They also had jarred foods as well that people had canned (salsa/jams/fruits/pickles) oh and don't forget those eggs & cheese....

Well yesterday I was feeling alot better after being sick for 2 weeks w/ a nice spring sinus infection/cold...We decided to try out another 2 Uptown Farmers Market and Town and Country Farmer Market
Wow was I impressed the first market called UpTown we stopped here first and wow they had a huge market area I will try to snap some pictures next week so everyone can see...They had lots of fresh fruits and veggies everything you could think of in one like (area they created a market style shopping area off to the side...)loved it pick up a few thing (we didn't get to much due to lots of leftover from last week grocery shopping) but I do see going here from now on to get fresh produce)
$3.50 per half pound

$3.50 per half pound

$1 per pound

From Claudine's Kitchen  Authentic Lebanese Cuisine 
Sampled: $7.50 per container to buy
Baba Ghanough-super yummy
Tabbouleh-pretty good and different
Plain Hummus- I prefer flavored but was good
Baklava--$3.50 per container

At the Town and Country Farmer market was smaller tucked in between a strip mall shopping side walk area. 
We spent alot more than we wanted but it was a super splurge day... $7 per loaf-----Challah Bread and Garlic/Herb Cheese Loaf from Jerusalem Bakery  

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