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Friday, March 8, 2013

Books of 2013

Lets get busy tracking what I have been reading for 2013 now that it's March.

30 Check Mate My Lord--Tracey Devlyn
31 All He Ever Needed #4- Shannon Stacey
32 All He Ever Desired #5- Shannon Stacey
33 All He Ever Dreamed#6- Shannon Stacey
34 One Texas Night-Jodi Thomas
35 June (Brides of the West) #2 Lori Copeland
36 Hope (Brides of the West) #3 Lori Copeland
37 Glory (Brides of the West) #4 Lori Copeland
38 Ruth (Brides of the West) #5 Lori Copeland
39 Patience (Brides of the West) #6 Lori Copeland
40  A Certain Wolfish Charm (Westfield Wolves) #1 Lydia Dare 
41 Tall, Dark and Wolfish (Westfield Wolves)#2  Lydia Dare 
42 The Wolf Next Door (Westfield Wolves) #3 Lydia Dare 
43 The Taming of the Wolf (Westfield Wolves) #4 Lydia Dare 
44 The Wolf Who Loved Me (Westfield Wolves)#5 Lydia Dare  
45 Wolfishly Yours- (Westfield Wolves) #6 Lydia Dare 
46 It Happened One Bite(Regency Vampyre Trilogy)#1 Lydia Dare 
47 In the Heat of the Bite(Regency Vampyre Trilogy)#2 Lydia Dare 
48 Never Been Bit (Regency Vampyre Trilogy ) #3 Lydia Dare 

49 Notorious Nineteen- Janet Evanovich   
50 Rain Song- Alice J. Wisler     
51 Sins of a Wicked Duke -Sophie Jordan      
52 Surrender to me- Sophie Jordan

53 Summer Dream #1 -Martha Rogers 
54  Autumn Song #2- Martha Rogers 
55 Winter Promise # 3- Martha Rogers 
56 Deeply Devoted  #1- Maggie Brendan 
57 Twice Promised # 2- Maggie Brendan

58 Cowboy books- Joanna Kennedy
59 Tall, Dark and Cowboy- Joanna Kennedy
60 Cowboy tough- Joanna Kennedy
61 Cowboy fever- Joanna Kennedy
62 One fine cowboy- Joanna Kennedy
63 Cowboy trouble- Joanna Kennedy
64-Cowboy crazy- Joanna Kennedy
65 Cowboy Tough- Joanna Kennedy
66 Cowboy Trouble- Joanna Kennedy
67-Caine's Reckoning (Hell's Eight) # 1- Sara McCarty
68 Sam’s Creed (Hell's Eight) # 2 - Sara McCarty
69 Tucker’s Claim (Hell's Eight) # 3- Sara McCarty
70 Trackers Sin (Hell's Eight) #4- Sara McCarty
71 Passions of a Wicked Earl #1 (London's Greatest Lovers Series) Lorraine Heath
72 Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman #2 (London's Greatest Lovers Series)Lorraine Heath
73 Waking Up With the Duke #3 (London's Greatest Lovers Series) Lorraine Heath
74 As an Earl Desires book #1 (The Lost Lords) Lorraine Heath
75 A Matter of Temptation #2(The Lost Lords) Lorraine Heath       
76 Promise Me Forever #3(The Lost Lords) Lorraine Heath
77 She Tempts the Duke #1 (Lost Lords of Pembrook) Lorraine Health
78 Lord of Temptation #2 (Lost Lords of Pembrook) Lorraine Health
79 Texas Destiny-- Lorraine Heath
80 A shared Range- Andrew Grey
81 Cowboy Lust- Delilah Devlin
82 Exclusively Yours-Shannon Stacey
83 Mail-Order Bride (His Unexpected Wives) #2 Maureen McKade
84 Once Tempted Once Tempted (Silver Creek) #1 Laura Moore
85 One fine cowboy- Joanna Kennedy
86 Out of Control (Kincaid Brides) #1 Mary Connealy
87 Steamlust (Steampunk Erotic Romance) Kristina Wright
88 The Texan's Wager (Wife Lottery #1) Jodi Thomas
89 Twice Loved (Belles of Timber Creek)# 1 Lori Copeland
90 Claimed by the Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan) #1 Michelle Willingham
91 Seduced by Her Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan )#2  Michelle Willingham


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