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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Homemade Potato Wontons


I had lots of potatoes sitting around the house and recently I had some potato pierogies from a box that usually cost about $3.00 a box for say 10 of them..I thought I can make them cheaper, get more and mix and match fillings for quick summer time meals plus right now use up 10 pounds of potatoes..

Break down of the cost of several meals... $5.00

Time to prep food & bake under 1 hour
Potatoes in the pantry FREE
Butter from the frig FREE
Sour Cream from frig FREE
Shredded chicken from freezer FREE
Shredded Cheese from frig FREE
Wonton Wrappers $5.00

DD wanted shredded chicken and cheese as she is not a mashed potato person...

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