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Monday, September 28, 2009

Update on OAMC MEALS

Well as life goes I got off track but was able to find a way to keep the concept working in a smaller idea for us since my budget got tighter.
I purchase meat on clearance and freeze it then plain meals around that but I will also purchase 2 lbs of Italian Ground turkey on clearance and then come home and quickly drop the items I keep on hand for making Spaghetti Sauce and will drop in the crockpot at noon with the browned me and freeze for later use or for dinner that night.
I freeze the leftovers (for next week or 2 weeks from now) That way we don't get over whelmed with Spaghetti back to back. I also will add extra stuff to the 2nd time for example I may add to plain Spaghetti noodles green onions and cheese and bake in the oven.

Recently I made 3lbs of Sloppy Joes had them with Mac & Cheese to allow for freezing the leftover Sloppy Joes for later use I have 4 cups for another quick dinner later in the month.

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