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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Creative Spice Rack


Due to lack of space and I use alot of spices. I was able to get more organized by doing this plus it is out of the way and when it is time to make out my grocery list all I need to do is open the door and check the pocket. Plus this will seriously STOP me from OVER purchasing stuff. I also was able to take all my packets of mixes and place them into a long box ( like a shoe box but longer which will allow me to stop buying this as well. You see every thing in my mobile home was in a zillion different places stuck in this little cabinet/ this shelf over the sink etc now ever this is Finding it's HOME.


  1. That is a WAY cool spice rack!!!!
    I am going to make one when I come down!! ( I have no pantry here in Low..What a GREAT Idea!

  2. What a smart idea!! Thanks for stopping by my blog to show me this :)