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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last week I had a life flashes before your eyes experience with a few co-workers we were almost hit by a truck who had got in an accident right next to our vehicle this caused the truck to spin and came right at us. We had to run to get out of the way. It got me thinking about lots of different things..

  1. What would happen if I had got hurt?
  2. Would my work cover this health costs?
  3. What if I had been seriously hurt and couldn't move/walk?
We were very lucky however the lady in the truck was trapped in the vehicle and seriously injured. We learned later that the lady died at the hospital shortly after arriving there.

This got me thinking about alot of other things like what am I thankful for?

I had the best friend in the world even if it was only for a short time
I have a great daughter who is a senior this year
I have a fiancee' who loves me for me even when I am crazy or silly which he tells me I am all the time.


  1. Thanks for Sharing the experience!
    I try real hard to find something to be grateful for everyday..Today I am grateful for..
    $1.58 in my wallet that gave me enough gas to get to the store!
    My knees are bad..but still carrying me around.
    My Brother had a triple by pass on Thurs and survived and is on the mend..
    Counting blessing can be a very good way of making a crappy day better!