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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Food Budget Challenge

I am challenging myself to save money buy rewarding myself with something..I will work on that part later. The goal is to old use what is in my house now until next pay day. This started on Friday 22nd and will go until Sept 8th 2 weeks away with only purchasing bread/milk/cheese.

Trip 1 Walmart $26.13

Trip 2 Dollar Tree $18.95

Trip 3 Costco $5.59

Trip 4 Fry's $14.10

Trip 5 Walmart $1.52

Trip 6 Lee Lee $2.64

Trip 7 Smart & Final $ 26.83

Trip 8 Walmart $ 29.64

Trip 9 Fry's $12.92

Trip 10 Dollar Store $30.15

Trip 11 Sprouts $.040

Total $ 170.87

1 comment:

  1. So..You budget what you will need on pay day..and then try and make do without buying anything else?
    Sounds like a plan!! I try very hard to think of everything we will need for two weeks..then HOPE I only have to buy milk!
    Thanks for the idea to track it!