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Sunday, July 12, 2009


I decided to make my own Salsa Verde using Tomatillo's.
Mind you I have watched video's online and read at least 10 -50 recipes and decided to on this one..
AllRecipes.com. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Tomatillo-Salsa-Verde/Detail.aspx

  1. First I needed to broil them to bring out flavor I had never broiled before so I turned the oven on to broil. (Checking to make sure nothing was hiding in the oven to burn ie. pans that I store in there)
  2. Pull out the food processor and set it up & a large skillet with deep sides.
  3. Washed my 12 tomatillos to remove the sticky stuff & 3 jalapenos as well
  4. I was not sure how to use cilantro so I just grabbed the leaves and pulled removed the long stems. Drop in processor with 3 cloves of garlic and blended.
  5. Chopped 1 onion into 1/2 rings placed all on a foil lined cookie sheet and placed under the broil and closed the door..( Going crazy cause I can't see anything) but I kept in closed for 3 mins opened and turned the items over to char the other side for 3 more mins. Pulled sheet out turned oven off.
  6. Didn't cool broiler items just cut in half and dropped in 3 batches into the food processor after each I poured in to waiting large skillet on oven.
  7. Once all was in the Large skillet I heated to boiling over low/med heat for 15-20 mins tasted (No real flavor it needed HELP) so I had a 1/2 -3/4 jar of Marinated Sweet Hot Piquante & Red Peppers diced in jar left over from another recipe I made today.)So what the heck I poured the whole jar in. Let simmer for 10 mins more and WOW is it hot and spicey just what it needed.
  8. Yielded 8 cups of sauce
Here is the Finished Product in the Skillet Cooling

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