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Friday, May 24, 2013

My Williston Shawl

I came across this great pattern called Williston Shawl to make shawls for Hospice..Thanks you Cythnia Miller for sharing a great pattern..
Works up quickly.I am already on my 3rd shawl.
Here are 2 I have already made this week..
This pattern uses about 14 oz/ 38 rows using a K hook 
Measures  Plus size 2X...

This one I used RHSS yarn 2 skeins in Real Teal...

Thrift store yarn deal cost $3.98 to make this shawl..I still have some of each skein left plus a I have a skein of green/yellow color as well to make another shawl if I can find some white to add to the mix...

Red Heart Baby Econo 1046 Carousel Print (6 oz skein)
Bernat Baby Coordinates Lemon Custard Yellow (6 oz skein)
Bernat Baby Coordinates Baby Pink (6 oz skein)

Just another shawl a nice pretty yellow.Got this yarn @ thrift store for $3.98..
A nice pretty shawl w/ baby yarn..Got this yarn @ thrift store for $3.98..

This shawl was made w/ Lion Brand Pound of Love this Yarn baby. This shawl was made for an employee at work...Got this yarn @ thrift store for $3.98..

Just a little bit of Carrot Orange and some black whipped up into a nice shawl cost was zero had yarn laying around house.

Had some leftover yellow from the above project and some white laying around  I whipped this shawl up using the leftovers..

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