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Monday, September 17, 2012

EZ Crochet Triangle Shawl Update

I started again using Black to break up thread scheme pattern plan & using Rainbow (Red-pinks/Orange or peach /Yellows/Greens/ Blues/ Indigo-purples) As well as maybe those multi colors & Gray & Brown/tans ) in the reverse order so I didn’t have to rip out the first part as well :O) (it was stuck I sewed the ends in really well and I couldn’t get it out) This is a great project I think so far I am already looking forward to taking my dd to volunteer job tomorrow at our local hospice so I can see what colors of yarn they have (they will give it to me for free to use and return with a completed project for them :O) ) this keeps me busy/cost is ZERO to me..

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  1. Looks great! The black makes the colors pop out more.