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Monday, September 3, 2012

Crochet baby bib time again

Still busy crocheting away here I get bored so I changed patterns again and have been whipping up something new baby bibs I surfed the net and found this pattern and I have really like how the stitches give this pattern texture think maybe a will whip up few wash clothes using this pattern as well for a few babies gifts. I also like how this bib has not ties to have to worry about just slip over babies heads.

I also came across this pattern for this circle baby bib that I whipped up today at work it whips up quickly I made 2..

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  1. I like you bibs and hats. Here is a link to an easy shell stitch preemie sleep sack.
    If you need more, I can send you a couple privetly. Email me at aprilflowers456@yahoo.com