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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Deal of the Day

Great deal of Beef Kabobs w/ veggie originally priced at $11.27 and $11.35 but it was MINUS the MEAT!!! 

JUST VEGGIES with my Safeway card I got them $1.40 and $1.41 for 2 package I will diced and use in stir fry and a few other meals already planned saved me $$$ just one onion today was 96 cents..

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  1. WOW~ all in the name of convenience! No way would I pay $12 for cut up veggies. Good deal however at under $2. I'd have snapped them up, chopped them and sorted them into baggies for future meals. I currently have multi colored pepper strips in my freezer, bought on the cheap. No way will I pay the $5/lb stores here are charging. My 49/lb from the clearance shelf are just fine, thanks. : )