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Monday, June 4, 2012

Crocheted Pen Holder

I have a small purse and everything in it has it's place but one item was causing a few issues for me my PENS they were always in the bottom even when I stood them up in the bag well this weekend I fixed the issue I crocheted a pen holder.. My pen holder is short due to the different size pens I care some have those clips on the sides so to avoid getting them stuck in the yarn I made the holder about 6 inches tall is just perfect I also made it narrow only being about to hold no more then 3 pens (I am a bit of a pen hog) so 3 was the magic number and it is working out great!! Now I just need to buy a new business card holder tomorrow (mine has seen better days)..Here is  picture of the purse and here is the holder
 Here is picture of the purse it's about 8 x 8 x 4

Here is the holder can't tell by the yarn picture but it's pink/purple/black/gray style yarn looks pretty :O) I plan to make a few more longer and a little wider w/ a cute button to cover the end to hold the pens in maybe even a flap? and sell them at my yard sale using my scrap yarn and see if I can sale some to make a few extra $$ sell them for $1.00 since I have all the already needed items it will just be a project. I will post one as soon as I finish it.

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