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Monday, December 6, 2010

Menu 4 Dec

Wed 1- Potato Soup
Thu 2-Leftover Soup and crackers
Fri 3- Bought a Rice and Cheese burrito for $4
Sat 4-Leftover from Lunch
Sun 5-Chicken Wraps
Mon 6- Turkey taco's Mexican rice and refried beans
Tue 7- Leftovers
Wed-Homemade Pretzels w/ Cheese and pizza sauce
Thur-Baked Chicken Wraps
Fri-Fix it yourself
Sat-Fix it yourself
Sun-Pieces of Chicken/String Cheese/Chips & Salsa
Mon-Leftovers from Lunch out w/ daughter...
Tue-? forgot
Wed-Dinner out w/ grandparents
Thur-Leftover dinner
Fri- Turkey burgers and chips
Sat-Homemade Chicken Pot Pie from freezer

** Note to self make burritos to freeze this week on my days off cheaper & I have all the ingredients...make stuff for dd surgery as well...

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