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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I attempted to teach myself a few years ago how to make crocheted T-Towels for my mother as my grandma use to make them for her all the time. However I just couldn't figure it out.So I decided to take a class just to make that one item the lady only charged me $5.00 to teach me which was priceless. I have since made dozens. However I wanted to expand to make other things.

I have been making crocheted T-Towels and Simple Dishcloth's now I want to learn more yes it is addictive :O) hobby and for $2.28 I can get a ball of yarn that can make several small items.

I recently have been checking out Tutorial to better understand different stitches I have found that a visual for me is so much better plus Tutorial can be replayed. I also recently during this time found step by step instruction on how to make different items I have been attempting to figure out the patterns & stitches too. I can't want to get started on more items soo :O) Wish me luck.

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