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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Time

Currently been working on holiday gifts every year I make crochet kitchen tea towels for my mom. This is what my grandma use to make my mom every year. However years ago she passed away so I took up a crochet class just to learn to make this gift for my mom every year at Christmas time.

I am currently using this example pattern & instructions from
Crochet Spot as the pattern book I purchased I have misplaced.

I also recently found another crochet pattern & instructions from another place & I have been working this concept out I had to change a few things but will post one of mine soon..but here is a link
Cocoa Cream Craft Closet

I loved this idea and it was simple enough I could do it however I found that the ring got limp/stretches out too easy so with the assistance of a bracelet I was able to crochet around it and make this project really quick.

From Walmart I purchased 20 metal adult bangle bracelets that I got for $6.00= 30 cents a piece is not bad I don't think...

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