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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Food Budget Deals

Got paid & hit the locals stores yes I said stores I have found around here hitting more then 1 get better deals on discounted items.

At Fry's this morning I got the following deals Saved $34.69

3 packages of 3 lbs each of ground Turkey for $2.79 each regularly $5.89 saved $9.30
4 packages of 4 burgers for $1.49 each regularly $5.89 saved $23.59
2 gallons of milk clearance for $1.29 each right now milk is $ 2.19 a gallon

Fry's also had a few good deals on their weekly ad...For a $1.00
  • Brown sugar 16 oz
  • Flour 4lb bag
  • Chocolate Chips bags
  • Sour Cream 8 oz

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