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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sedona/Cottonwood/Jerome Part 2

We really liked our little trip lots to see in tourist trap stores-antique-art stores as well as some health food stores. I think my fave was this one antique store in Cottonwood everything from old toasters to old refrigs to nice old John Deer trackers.

This building below reminded me a the house where I grew as a kid in Michigan it was made of stone as well

This is a old ice box frig I happened to see that made me think of my friend in Cali & I knew I had to grab a photo for my dear friend Butterball

If you look really close into the side of this hill 
you can see a nice little house it's on the way to
The town on the little mountain is Jerome the houses are so close to the road that you or maybe the road is so close to the houses that I could toss a soda can into someones house from my car window with out much of a try.

After driving and taking lots of photos I think my fave was one I took were my DD pointed out the little blue porta john on the side of the mountain in Jerome

The buildings are built into the sides on where ever that can find some room to stick them on the side of a mountain parking is very limited...

As you can see from this building that the climb for people who are in and the walking around is very difficult lots of angles that can be a real challenge for people with walking issues or in a wheel chair lots of steep climbs even the side walks steps were deep..

Just behind the town hall is the road you take to town of Prescott Arizona so basically you make a u-turn on the road & you end up behind this building in the picture below it shows some houses then some more house up behind them the road in in front of the top set of houses in between the bottom set see what I mean about being CLOSE when driving on the road.

Just a random old car park on the side of the road I was standing next to another car trying to take this picture but there is not much space to take pictures due to the the streets are only 3 cars wide between the building and the next building.

A short stop at the Liberty Theater to grab a picture of the Antique film projector

This is a old furnace up at the top of the hill in 

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