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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lion Brand Crochet Capelet

I came across this pattern it looked pretty easy and it was I whipped up this shawl in 3-4 days it took a little longer then I thought but the was just fine..I followed a reviewers suggestion I have attached the suggestion instructions as well..

Work through Row 11 as shown.
Row 12: work as Row 6.
Row 13: work as Row 7.
Row 14: work as Row 6.
Row 15: work as Row 7. When this row is complete, count stitches. If they are not evenly divisible by four, increase or decrease in Row 16 as needed.
Row 16: work as Row 7. Distribute any needed increases/decreases evenly across the row.
Row 17: work as original Row 12. This is the pattern stitch; work each row this way until Capelet is the desired length.
Finish as shown in original pattern. 
I added ties to mine..

The following 2 picture I changed the pattern again to give it better arm coverage & Lacey shell stitch to the bottom yet keep somones arms more covered I am not yet 100 % happy with the pattern.. I am still tweaking it right now I have a third one on the hook trying to figure out the best way to get more flair...in the upper section and less boxie looking..

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