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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little Brown Bag

I had a custom order for a bag like I had made my dd however I had a few issues I wanted to change in this bag.

1- I wanted to use different closures I really like these d-rings and open/close hooks I used got them from Johann's Fabric stores $1.99 per set

 The person wanted it brown outside and a mixture of light brown and dark inside pocket as well as the outside flap.

After I did the bag closures I decided that I really wanted to use the same type on the straps. My dd strap was just a cheap $1.00 strap from the store which didn't give the back crochet character plus it make it look tacky!!! so I picked up more d rings and the larger style hooks and then crocheted the strap in brown tried it multicolored however it was too small and looked really really bad....

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